Thursday, 22 November 2012

Louise Loves #7

I had this week off and I'm so glad, the weather in my area was horrendous on Monday and Tuesday, I would've hated the 40 minute journey driving to college!  Next week we start fashion makeup so that should be pretty good, although I'm glad we started with basic it was starting to get rather tedious!

Neve Cosmetics Mineral Blush in Noblesse
You may have seen this in my Neve Cosmetics swatches post here.  I only got this a few days ago but I really like Noblesse and I've been wearing it quite often (although I'm still trying to finish up a crappy Covergirl one which just seems to last forever!!!).  I am going out for lunch today - Wagamama, soo excited! - and I'll be wearing it for that :)
[£10.50 from cutECOsmetics]

New Look Ankle Boots
I actually bought these off my friend Ashleigh for £7 (bargain) as she bought herself "proper" ones and wanted these to go to new home where they would be worn!  They are from New Look a good wee while ago.  At first they weren't very comfy and the zips were playing up but now I've broken them in and they are pretty much my everyday boots (for when minimal driving is required!).  The heel is fine as it is really thick so it's not uncomfortable.  I think these were about £20 full price, however as it was age ago they're not available online but I did find these similar ones reduced to the same sort of price.

Face Off
In case you haven't heard of it, Face Off is a programme on Syfy which takes a group of prosthetic and special effect makeup artists and gives them various challenges to compete against each other.  I didn't love it to start with but now I am really enjoying it.  Although that is not a side I could see myself doing (it's far too creative and they are all amazing at art!), I do find it really interesting and it might even give me some tips for if I ever need to do anything like that.  Face Off is on Syfy on Mondays at 9pm.



  1. That programme sounds so interesting x

    1. It's so good, last week they had to create a horror film creature!

  2. I have not heard of the brand Neve? The programme looks interesting I'm going to Sky+

    1. I only found out about them recently! Ooh you should, it's great!

  3. Face Off looks like a super fun program to toy around with. I like your new booties. They are super cute.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

    1. Yes they're all amazing artists! Thank you :D


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