Tuesday, 20 November 2012

NOTD: With Envy...

I've not painted my nails in so long!  They were really nice but then they all split and broke and became a mess!  Never mind, they will grow back.  They're still not very good and I've been quite lazy with them but I decided to paint them anyway.  I was so lucky and won Rebekah at It's A Kind Of Lovely's giveaway and got Topshop Hidden Treasure nail varnish, then I used Hat Trick as an accent.  In real life Hat Trick does not look that bright the flash seems to have really brought it out!  It shows up much more of a similar colour to Hidden Treasure and just gives it a bit of sparkle.



  1. Oooh Hidden Treasure looks lovely on your nails! :D hope you like it! Rebekah xx

  2. Splitting nails are the worst! The only downside to having real long nails haha. I love the look of the Topshop polish, despite being a gold it seems more neutral than warm and looks like it'd go with a lot of things :)


    1. I know I was so devastated when they all broke lol :( Yes the greens in it make it very wearable!

  3. Nice combo! I love gold polish :)
    X Deja


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