Saturday, 9 June 2012

Introducing My Cats: Hugo

Last but not least in this series introducing my cats is Hugo! The story behind him is slightly different... We've only had him about a year, if that! We had seen him wandering around the garden a few times but then one day our neighbour came round and said that this cat had been sitting looking in their back window for the past few days looking a bit pathetic, so referred him to us knowing that we were more experienced with cats! So I went round and picked him up and brought him in to our house and gave him something to eat, and he's stayed here ever since...  He is definitely a stray but we don't know where he came from, we went round some of our neighbours and showed a photo of him but nobody owned up!  We know he must have been someone's pet because his coat was well kept (feral cats tend to be quite unkempt and shaggy!) and he was familiar with the cat litter and cat flap.  So we think that someone has kicked him out because of his behaviour.

He is the most aggressive, psychopathic animal I have ever come across! He is crazy! He provokes all of the other cats and actively seeks them out for the sole reason of attacking them. He is actually a very clever cat because you can see him planning out before he does things which isn't something I've noticed cats doing before. He will sit and wait say behind the couch say, if he knows one of the other cats is coming that way then pounce on them! He is also very strong, we had to actually change the latch on my bedroom door to stop him coming in to attack Theo during the night because he would be able to push it open, even when I put my guitar and stand behind it, he still managed to open it!

One thing he did which was hilarious was that one night he was in the living room prowling around, and my black cardigan was lying in a heap on the couch. He snuck up and then attacked my cardi thinking it was Theo or Tia, it was so funny, he must have been so confused!!!

We have bought a Feliway plug-in which releases cat pheromones and it does seem to calm him down a bit, when it runs out he seems more aggressive and agitated. He doesn't attack us as much either - we all have scars from when we first got him - because he will get fixated on attacking Theo for example, if you get in his way he will just attack you as well. We know now to just leave him when he gets like that and remove any other cats in the vicinity!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my cats!


Edit: Hugo went missing at the end of the summer and we've not seen him since :(


  1. He's absolutely adorable!!!

    1. Yeah it's lucky he's got his cute moments or he'd be out on the street ;) haha

  2. Love your cat posts. Lol @ attacking your cardigan :P x

    1. Yay :D hahah omg I know, I actually pointed and laughed at him, he looked rather sheepish :P


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