Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Collection: Facial Scrubs

A couple of days ago it suddenly occurred to me that over the, ahem, years, I have managed to gather quite a few facial scrubs...

I am on a bit of a 'use everything up and start again' kick recently so I am now on a mission to try and finish these!  It is also partly because none of them are cruelty free!  It shows you how long I've had some of them for, I probably technically shouldn't be using a couple but they all smell fine to me haha!

I have two of these, one I got in a set along with a 30ml VitaZing and GinZing eye cream (For £25 I think, what a bargain, eye cream itself is £21!) and the other I got as a free sample - questionable!  I've not opened either of yet so I can't comment, however I'm not doing this as a review post anyway due to them all (not sure about St Ives to be honest...) having animal testing connections.  This is more of a 'why the hell do I have this many scrubs?!' post...

I have actually had this for so long!  Thank goodness I only got the sample size!  I bought this after seeing Fafinettex3 (I think that was her username, anyone else used to watch her?) or Aubrey on Youtube raving about it.  However I don't particularly like this as it has a very strong smell and the particles are quite rough and are not regular spheres so it is quite harsh on the skin.  It does leave my skin feeling soft afterwards but during it isn't very pleasant!

I think I bought this to help with blackheads on my nose.  I keep this one in my shower so it gets used slightly more often than the others!

I bought this one because I have what are called 'milk spots' under my eyes which are just like teeny white spots but they don't heal themselves and they just stay there always :( I read that salicylic acid is good for helping them and this one contained a higher percentage.  I don't even know if it works to be honest I only stuck with it for like 3 days...  So you never know, once I've finished this I may be milk spot free!

If anyone has any suggestions for cruelty-free scrubs when I (eventually) finish this lot please let me know!  I was thinking Soap and Glory?



  1. I have the neutrogena one but I hate it as it dries out my skin which is weird as my skin is quite oily :/ x

    1. Aw really? It's been okay with me but I only use it when I remember haha!

  2. I use Soap & Glory 'greatest scrub of all' I really like it, it's a gorgeous pearly white cream with tiny beads and it makes my skin so soft :) I'm like you though, always butting new ones before finishing the last one lol x


    1. Ooh thanks I will take note! It's so annoying haha I wish I wouldn't do it to such an extent!!


Thank you so much for your comments, they are much appreciated! :)

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