Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Introducing My Cats: Theo

This is Theo and we got him when he was about 6 months old.  I bought him off my friend for £30 because she decided she was allergic to him (even though she already had a cat which she kept... I've no idea!) so my family said we would take him.  I'm not sure how old he is at the moment, I guess he is about 4?

When he was younger he was so playful and he actually did crazy back flips and could jump so high!  This seems insane now because he is huge!  Such a big lump of a cat, I'd like to weigh him and see how heavy he actually is!

Although he is big, the addition of our newest cat Hugo has really stressed him out.  You would think he would be able to handle himself, especially as he is bigger than Hugo, but he just runs when he sees him and so Hugo will chase him.  It's so sad, he gets himself into such a state, cats drool when they are stressed, there has been a lot of drooling!  He even had a wee bald tummy for a while because of all the fighting/stress it looked so pathetic, it seems to be growing back now thankfully!!

To avoid Hugo he has taken to hiding on top of the kitchen cupboards, like the ones really high up, no idea how he gets up there!  I also have to keep him in my room overnight (we had to change the latch on my door because Hugo was able to open it...) so most nights I need to lure him down from his cupboard with a piece of ham (boke), such fun!

We are hoping that eventually (preferably sooner rather than later!) Theo and Hugo will get along, it's actually chaos sometimes!

Next up is Tia :)



  1. He's gorgeous! It's horrible when cats don't get along, my Sammy and Shadow were the same thankfully they are a lot better now, they use to not be able to be in the same room, but that's now changed (since we moved house). Have you ever thought about getting 'Feliway' it's meant to help cats relax and help with stress. I was going to get it to help with Sammy and Shadow's situation but because it got better I didn't have to. It's quite expensive but is an option to see if it helps. x

    1. He is :D We have actually got one of those! I think it does calm Hugo down as he used to scratch the wallpaper (VERY naughty) and seek out the other cats more but yeah we've had a few of them and notice when it runs out! We plug it in beside where he sleeps so he breathes it in overnight :P

      That's good that yours settled down :)

  2. ahhh hello Theo! I love it when bloggers blog about their pets! x


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