Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Nude Bandeau

Pineapple bedding from Primark!
Just a quick one to share with you a tip I've discovered, I'm sure most people have come across it before but here it is for those who haven't!

A while ago I was hunting for a white bandeau for wearing under sheer shirts.  I have a slight problem where I own a lot of colourful bras and sheer tops or white shirts - which isn't a good combination unless you're wanting that effect!  I was looking in Forever 21 but I could only find this nude one which I settled with as it was better than nothing.

However when I got home and tried it on, it worked out so much better than expected!  Wearing the bandeau under any sheer top totally hides any coloured bra better than a white one would - giving a sort of 'mannequin' effect like you aren't wearing anything underneath but nothing is on show.  Unfortunately straps are still visible but I have long hair which covers them most of this time so I've not too bothered and of course you always have the option of not wearing a bra underneath which works well too.

This one cost £3.90 but they are widely available now in place such as Primark where they are probably about £1.50!  Also I should mention that before of F21's weird sizing, it only comes in SM/MED and MED/LRG which is crazy!  I am a size 8 but 30D bra size and I have the MED/LRG which fits fine.  I'd recommend getting one from somewhere with more diverse sizing...

Link to F21 one here.  Have you tried something like this before?


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