Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter

I’ll be honest, I definitely don’t moisturise my body as much as I should!  Due to this I don’t tend to need to buy them very often, but if I do, I always go for The Body Shop Body Butters.  I love them because they have a great range of smells, they feel nice and the tubs are huge.  At full price of £13 they’re quite reasonable but if you keep an eye out you will never need to pay full price as The Body Shop have always got great deals on, especially online!

I was offered the Mango Body Butter to try and jumped at the chance as fruity scents are my favourite and I’d tried the shower gel version of it so I knew I liked it. 

So first of all, the packaging:  I really like the way they look with the bright range of colours and a picture on the top of what the scent is, but some people may not like how it is a tub so you need to scoop it out rather than squirt it out a tube.  Personally I don’t mind this and it means you can take out as much as you need and easily put some back if you have too much.

The smell of the Mango Body Butter is so good!  Sometimes fruity scents can smell a bit artificial but this one is very fresh and has a creamy edge to it so it smells a little bit like a fruity yoghurt!

The Mango one states on the packaging that it is aimed for very dry skin, which I don't have but to be honest I always just go for for scent rather than skin type...  It applies nice and smoothly to the skin but I wouldn't say absorption is particularly quick.  For example you couldn't put it on and get dressed straight away, but it does soak in quicker than other moisturisers I've tried.  I tend to use it at night when I can wander round in my pj shorts for an hour or so before going to bed!  My usual reason for applying moisturiser is after shaving my legs to rehydrate them and sometimes this can sting but The Body Shop Body Butters (the ones I have tried at least!) have all been absolutely fine which is great!

I briefly mentioned price above which is £13 full price for a big 200ml tub so it isn’t too bad, it will last you a while.  However I’m sure most people don’t pay this and wait for deals before making purchases which is definitely worthwhile, I’m pretty sure I got one for half price once and at the moment The Body Shop have got selected butters for £5!

I would definitely repurchase this but I would like to try different scents first before going back to this one.  Follow this link for the Mango Body Butter and here for the full range of butters.

P.S.  I still don't have broadband in my new flat *cries* but I've been told 4th of July so fingers crossed...



  1. This is one of my favourite body butters. I love the scent and it's also one of the nicer textured ones out of all their body butters.

    1. Ah that's true actually! Some of the others are kinda solid aren't they?!

  2. I love these body butters so much it's verging on obsession! Keen to try the Vitamin E one next.
    Amy x

    1. Haha! Yeah I think I have about 4... not allowed to buy any more til I finish a couple!

  3. I much prefer a tub to a tube - means I can scrap out the final bits of product and not waste anything!

    Morag x

    1. Yes exactly, tubes can be very wasteful!


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