Monday, 11 November 2013

The Vegan Kind Box #1

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As soon as I heard about The Vegan Kind box being launched, I knew I had to sign up!  Even though I am not vegan - more a fussy pescatarian - but the idea of getting a box full of 100% cruelty free items really appealed to me.  I always said, if someone made a cruelty free beauty box I would sign up in a heartbeat so although this is more a lifestyle box, it's good to know if any beauty items are included they will be vegan and cruelty free.  Other than the fact it sounded great, I also found out it was started by one of my Scottish blogger friends Karris, so I wanted to support her in her amazing venture.

My box arrived on Monday which was a pretty quick delivery but I live relatively close to her in comparison to the rest of the UK so that could have been a factor.  Luckily my dad was in to get it off the postman - this bad boy would definitely not fit through your letter box!  The box is enormous compared to any other monthly boxed I've seen!

Inside, at the top there were a few sheets of paper including a lovely little welcome newsletter introducing themselves, a list of all the samples and a recipe card.  Every month there will be a recipe card in the box and on month 3 you get a binder to store them in - so cute!!  Also, since the box is based around helping animals, each month 10p from every box will be donated to a different animal charity which I think is such a lovely gesture.  Then underneath are all the goodies:

  1. Crystal Spring 50g Salt of the Earth Travel Deodorant (unisex) This is applied to damp skin and leaves a thin layer of natural mineral salts on the skin which prevent the formation of body odour.  Personally I prefer antiperspirant rather than deodorant but I am intrigued to try this, perhaps keep it for less busy days though! link
  2. Clearspring Organic Miso Bouillion Paste - Concentrated Vegetable Stock You probably would associate miso with Japanese food but this can be used in the place of any other stock in soups and stews.  I've been making a lot of soups recently so I'm looking forward to trying this out instead of my usual Knorr cubes! link
  3. Living Naturally Soapnut Sample Bag This is probably one of my favourite items from the box simply because of how bizarre they sound!  Soapnut shells can be used instead of detergent in your washing machine even though they are a fruit, what?!  They can be used a few times before being composted and they are 100% natural with no chemicals in them at all.  They are also naturally conditioning so you don't need to use fabric softener either.  I am quite excited to try them actually - how sad am I?? link
  4. Goody Good Stuff Fizzy Sweets 25g One thing I did miss when I stopped eating gelatine (in sweets, not raw... gross) was jelly sweeties!  I can get some from Tesco but I'm quite far away from one and there's only a couple of flavours I like, they're also only suitable vegetarians not vegans.  Needless to say, these did not last long!  They are very sour, and very fizzy!  I didn't love the flavour but only cos I'm not a massive fan of cherry but other than that they were comparable to Haribo!  I'll definitely be looking out for these and hopefully try different flavours, as they're available in places I have nearby like Asda and Waitrose. link
  5. The Vegg 1.56oz This is more for the actual vegans as it's an egg yolk replacer, however I do plan on trying the french toast recipe on the front - I'll need to buy soya milk to make it with first haha!  It's great to know these products are out there. link
  6. QI Tea Samples Unfortunately I don't drink tea so I've passed these onto my parents to try! link
  7. Koolbadges This was added in as a little bonus which is really cute!  Koolbadges is ran by a vegan married couple who are based in England.  They hand make all their badges and source everything from the UK to keep environmental impact to a minimum, and recycle everything where possible.  They supply badges worldwide with 6000 designs to choose from! link
So there you have it!  I won't be doing this for every single month as I know myself how tedious the beauty box type posts can be after a while... but I wanted to share The Vegan Kind's first box with you.  If you're interested in signing up the link to their website is here, and it costs £10 plus £2.99 P&P.



  1. I'm contemplating signing up for this one, someone kindly passed on the Vegg to me so I'm curious to try it, no idea what to do with it but the french toast recipe sounds good and something I have never tried in a regular version so if it comes out pants I won't know difference lol

    1. Ooh yes! She said she is hoping to be able to cater for specific allergies in the future as well. Yeah i'm not sure how else to use it but I'll definitely be trying that one. That's quite lucky then lol, love french toast!

  2. It looks like you get a great selection and some really interesting products, very tempted to sign up x

  3. oo this is a great idea! I'm not a vegan but I do like the idea of vegan products as you know they're really animal friendly!

    I'm at the moment currently toying with the idea of going vegetarian in the new year, doing some research here and there :)

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

    1. Yes that's what attracted me too! Aw wow, that's great :)

  4. Oh I really like this post! I've been looking for cruelty free beauty boxes and this one looks really good! Most definitely will be checking it out xxx

  5. The soap nuts sound really bizarre, would be good to try though!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  6. Ooh I haven't heard of this before. It looks really interesting though and what a lovely selection of products. At £10 a box, I'd have to have a long think about it.

    1. It is! Yeah I was quite lucky with the timing as I've got a bigger contract at work now so I can afford it, yay! Much bigger than the standard beauty boxes which are the same price.


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