Sunday, 8 May 2016

Lipstick Storage // Beauty

If you have been following for years you might remember a previous post I did showing my lipstick collection and storage.  I previously used the mirrored jewellery box which you can see in the background of the photos, and still do for some products, however I now have a new way for storing my most used lipsticks.

I had been looking out for some new make up storage and managed to pick up this cute little lipstick holder from Homesense for about £5.  They had quite a few different perspex storage items in varying shapes and sizes but I went for the above style as I think it's a bit prettier than the more common box shaped ones.

The lipstick holder has 13 round spaces in flower shape, with the holes at the back more elevated than the front so you can see them all easily.

I have put my lipsticks in colour order and placed them upside down so you can see what they are without messing with them all!

The holes are a bit bigger than most of my lipsticks so when moved they will wobble a bit (especially if the top of the lipstick isn't flat!) but when sitting stationary on my dressing table they are fine.

I really like this storage, it's so handy to see all of my most used colours in the one place so I can quickly grab one without faffing through my drawers.


  1. That's a brilliant idea! I'm always running out of space for my lippies!

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