Sunday, 6 September 2015

Lush Figs and Leaves Soap

I was absolutely gutted to find out that my favourite bubble bar, Dorothy, has been discontinued when Lush had a product revamp recently!  However I knew that their soap Figs and Leaves was supposed to be of the same fragrance so all is not lost!

I had known about Figs and Leaves soap for ages but it took me a while to buy it because it definitely doesn't look anywhere near as exciting as other products in the shop and also smelling it in store I couldn't smell anything!  I decided just to go for it and try it out as I had a gift card but even then it sat in my soap jar for ages until a couple of weeks ago I decided to break it out.

It honestly smells amazing, exactly like Dorothy!  I had to stop using it until it dried so I could take photos of it ha, so now I can use it again yay!!  The scent is of figs, ylang ylang and orange flower which is a sort of earthy, floral combination.  It's also slightly exfoliating because of the leaves and fig seeds which is great. 

I use it in the shower on my body but I am considering getting one to use as hand soap - I am swithering though as liquid soap is much less messy!  It doesn't contain SLS and has softening aloe vera and coconut oil which I think would be good for my hands, so we shall see!  It actually says online that it's delicate enough to use on your face but I would personally avoid that!

Having a look at it on their website [link], it's got a new formula so looks slightly different now, I will need to buy another block and see if it's any better than before.  It's £3.40 for 100g which is fairly average price for Lush soaps.  Also this formulation is vegan.

I'm so glad I finally decided to get this and will definitely try the new formula once this one is finished.

Have you got a favourite soap from Lush?


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