Sunday, 9 August 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Bronzed Garnet Colour Chameleon

Charlottle Tilbury Colour Chameleon Bronzed Garnet

I have been really intrigued by the Charlotte Tilbury make up for a while now -  it's refreshing having a new cruelty free high end brand to try!  My work buds from my previous job were kind enough to get me a Selfridges voucher (they said I am hard to buy for, hrmmph, haha!) which I decided to use on something from Charlotte Tilbury.  It took me a good few months to decide what to get an finally after numerous Selfridges trips and make up swatches I went for one of the colour chameleon eye pencils.

They come in lots of shades but each one is recommended for a certain eye colour, and whether it's best suited to day or night wear.  I was adamant not to stick to this and just go for one I liked but I actually ended up picking up one which was meant for my green eyes in the end!

Charlottle Tilbury Colour Chameleon Bronzed Garnet
Charlottle Tilbury Colour Chameleon Bronzed Garnet

Bronzed Garnet is copper toned brown with a small amount of shimmer in it.  I was really impressed with the application, they are so smooth and don't drag the skin.  They are also quite long-wearing - when I swatched them they lasted even after washing my hands a few times!

I'm not sure how Charlotte intended for them to be worn but I have been using it as a thick eyeliner along the upper lashline and blending it up, then you can either apply other shadows on top/around or simply leave it as it is.  It's also good for applying to the bottom lash line, even if you hadn't used it on the top.

Overall I am really pleased with the Colour Chameleon pencil and would definitely look into getting more, there was a green and a purple one I was swithering between!  They also do eyeshadow creams which look lovely, I think I might swatch them next time I am in.  At £19 however, the pencils aren't cheap but I was happy to treat myself, especially with a voucher - and the products do have a really luxurious feel to them.

On a side note, I was close to getting the eyebrow pencil but I had read quite a few bad reviews on it, has anyone tried it?

Let me know if you have any recommendations from Charlotte Tilbury!



  1. All these bronzey tones are literally my absolute fave things to put on my eyes, Charlotte Tilbury never ever makes a product that isn't outstanding, all I have heard is good things about everything! I can't wait to try this :) lovely blog post girl! xxx

    1. It's perfect, especially for green eyes!! I know I can't wait to try some other bits :) thanks Lauren!! xx

  2. i want the charlotte tilbury make up its gorgeous xx

    This Girl Loves Chic

  3. I'm loving the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad in The Uptown Girl. The colours are easy to apply and blend, and they don't BUDGE - not even when I go to the gym or have a cold - and that's WITHOUT using a primer! I shall be buying more of her products soon.


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