Friday, 20 March 2015

Soap Stash & Storage

I recently did a 'bath products stash & storage' post so I thought I'd do a similar one and show you how I am currently storing my growing soap collection!

If we look at the second photo I'll go through the soap in a clockwise direction starting from the top.  The blue and white unpackaged soaps were bought from a little shop near where I worked in Scotland called Ashtins and the man makes his own bath and body products as well as stocking well known brands.  I can't remember exactly what they are but the blue one is a fresh scent made with sea salt, and the white/clear is kiwi and possible some other fruit??  I think they were about £2.50 each which is quite a lot considering how thin the slices are, but it's always good to support local businesses!

 Next is a little travel soap from Arran Aromatics, the Grapefruit Massage Bar which was £1.50 and so cute!

The next two are from Lush, first is a limited edition Christmas one, Orange Jelly, the smell is quite self-explanatory!  Then Figs & Leaves (vegan) which smells like Dorothy bubble bar apparently but I am dubious...  it's not quite as colourful!

The two on the left are both from Bomb Cosmetics, Dark Pleasures and Electric Dreams.  Dark Pleasures scent is Hawthorn and Cassis with Rose and Jasmine while Electric Dreams is made up of wild fruit and berries with vanilla.  Both of these are vegan and are £2.49 per slice.

Then in the middle are two Christmas soaps from The Body Shop, Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry, I got these both in post-Christmas sales for a bargain.

Finally, I'm mentioning this again as it's a super cute soap!  The Yorkshire Soap Company's website is still down I can't say for sure if they are cruelty free yet.  The soap slice is something like apple blossom scented but I can't remember... It smells good!

Does anyone know of any interesting soap companies that are cruelty free?  I love the look of Fortune Cookie soap but it's only available in America!



  1. I like the jars! Also those cupcake soaps are adorable, too bad the site is down, so frustrating!

    1. Thanks! Just Ikea ones :) I know, so annoying!!

  2. These look great! I love simple and pretty storage, and it's so nice to be able to see what's inside easily too :)


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