Thursday, 24 July 2014

Fossil Riley Mini Watch in Rose Gold

This post is long overdue as I actually bought the watch in January... BUT I am still loving it and wanted to share it with you.

I decided a few months ago (before January obviously) that I wanted to treat myself to a nice watch because I've never had a particularly fancy one before.  I think I used some Christmas money towards it although I do remember being decidedly skint for the rest of the month.... January really isn't the month for treats to yourself, is it Louise?

I knew I wanted a rose gold metal one what with all the Michael Kors ones going around, I'm not a big fan of silver at the moment, and yellow gold can look a bit too gold if you know what I mean??  I also didn't want to spent a huge amount on it as rose gold will probably go out of fashion in a few years time anyway!  Another requirement was the size of the face, I have really small wrists so anything with a big face or chunky strap just looks ridiculous on me.

I did some shopping around online and decided I was probably going to go for a Fossil watch but wanted to try on a few different styles first just to see if they suited me (and my annoying skinny wrists).  So on one of my days off I went up to Glasgow and visited House of Fraser then the Fossil shop to have a look.  I ended up going for the Riley Mini Three Hand Stainless Steel watch in Rose, which is absolutely perfect!  I love the diamantes going round the face which balance out the masculinity of the strap, also the feature that tells you the date - so handy! 

This watch it still available and the link for it on the Fossil site is here.


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