Thursday, 16 January 2014

Empties #14

Christmas has come and gone!  I had a lovely time with friends and family, and apart from work I wish it was Christmas Eve all over again!  Work wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be, but it was still pretty chaotic and I'm glad it's over; now the January lull has begun which is possibly even worse...  This year I will get a new job!

Herve Leger Femme Shower Gel
Thoughts: I really liked the perfume of this but used it up over a year ago.  I used to wear the perfume on nights out though so using the shower gel just brought back hazy memories of being steamin in clubs when I was like 19...
Cruelty-free?: No, from Avon.
Repurchase?: No.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic
Thoughts: I've technically not finished this yet, I just decanted it into a more user friendly squirty bottle.  I am a huge fan of toner but unfortunately not Liz Earle's, I find the scent too floral and overpowering for my liking.  £13.25/200ml here.
Cruelty-free?: Yes, BUAV Approved.
Repurchase?: It was a free sample but wouldn't buy it myself.

Dr Hauschka Deodorant in Floral 
Thoughts: I was quite disappointed by this deodorant actually.  I didn't like the smell, it was quite spicy and since it's not an antiperspirant, when I sweated I would just end up smelling as if I had really bizarre BO - not good!!  I was so glad to see the back of this one.  £11.95/50ml here.
Cruelty-free?: Yes.
Repurchase?: No.

REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream
Thoughts:  Received this with my LoveLula order as you can choose 3 free sample to try if you spend over a certain amount.  I quite liked this moisturiser, it seemed to work fine and smelled really good.  £27/50ml here.
Cruelty-free?: Yes.
Repurchase?: Possibly but it's not cheap!

Benefit Erase Paste
Thoughts:  I bought this years ago when looking for the perfect under eye concealer.  I wasn't a fan of this one to be honest, it was too creamy and would crease and sit in the lines really easily.  I had to buy Powderflage to try and set it!  There's still a tiny bit left but I'd rather just bin it!
Cruelty-free?: No.
Repurchase?: No.



  1. I really need to try and start to finish my products, I have so many that I've nearly finished! I really like that Liz Earle toner, it works really well for my skin :) x


    1. Doing these posts really pushes me to finish things up! Aw good, it's a pity I don't like it more cos I love most of Liz Earle's products!

  2. I don't know why, but I love reading empties. Great one :)

  3. I've always wondered what the Dr Hauschka Deodorant was like, perhaps I'll give this one a miss

    1. Yes it's not the best, especially for the price!


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